Month: November 2017

Friends of Charity Organization

Universal Children’s Day Program

Universal Children’s Day program Celebrated in Friends Public High School (Youhana Abad) and in Friends Public High School (Sue-e-Asal, Lahore). In the program Students presented short pays and Speeches on this day and at the end Mr. Ashraf Rahmat talked to the students and explained the importance and significance of this day. Friends Public High…
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World Science Day for Peace & Development

On 10th November, 2017 World Science Day for Peace & Development celebrated in Friends Public High School. Students explained their projects to Mr. Ashraf Rahmat and Bro. Victor Hugo, about the working of the projects and the benefits, they also demonstrated through their projects about the development of Science.

Bro. Victor Hugo Visited Friends Public High School.

On 10th November Bro. Victor Hugo visited Friends Public High School, Bro. Victor Hugo visited all the classes and was very happy to talk to the students.