Month: May 2020

Friends of Charity Organization

Ration Distribution among deserving families

Friends of charity organization distributed Ration to deserving families of Attari .Waseem Park .and F-block Youhanabad . May God protect us all during COVID-19 . 23.05.2020

Ration Distribution among Sanitary Workers & Street Cleaners

Friends of Charity Organization (Regd) distributed Ration among deserving families of Sanitary workers & Street Cleaners These are also our Heroes who are working in the front line 12.05.2020

Ration Distribution in Brick Kiln areas of Kasur

Friends of charity organization(Regd) distributed Ration to deserving brick maker families on 4 brick Kilns in Kasur Area . We need your prayers because still we are receiving many requests from different areas for ration. May God bless and protect all His people Amen.

Ration Distribution at Kasur

Friends of charity organization (Regd) Distributed Ration among deserving Brick kiln families in Kasur . May God bless and protect us all in this difficult time due to COVID-19 pandemic