Month: September 2022

Friends of Charity Organization

Monthly Meeting with College & University Students.

Monthly meeting with College and University Students.

Ration Distribution for the Flood Victim families of Balochistan

Friends of Charity Organization Team reached the province of Sindh & Balochistan and arranged Food items for the affected families because the most needed things in that area is food, due to the destruction caused by flood the people at Sindh and Balochistan are starving for food they do not have any proper facility to…
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Flood Relief Activity in Sindh

Friends of Charity Organization distributed ration among the disabled and Transgender

Flood Relief Activity in Jacobabad, Sindh

Friends of Charity Organization has reached Jacobabad, Sindh, and distributed Food among the Flood Victim families, still we need more prayers to continue this legacy because the current conditions of this area is not at a better position, Friends of Charity Organization Invites every one to come forward because still there are many families who…
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Prayer and Support Flood Victim Families

In this time of great difficulty we raise our hands towards the sky and pray for the flood victims all around Pakistan that may God bless each and every one, protect the lives of all victims of this flood, provide them comfort, provide them quick reunion to their families who have been separated and heal…
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