Chairman’s Message

Friends of Charity Organization

First of all I am very thank full to my Almighty God that he blessed everyone with peace and enabled us to continue our legacy of transforming lives, there were many ups’ and downs throughout this year but there are many achievements also. FCO is passionately working on its strong goals and objectives of spreading the light of education in the darkest areas among the deserving families such as street cleaners, bounded brick kiln labors, sanitary workers, labors, and other low valued jobs, from last 27 years, FCO has always tried its best to provide suitable solution to different situations that stood in the way of our vision and mission, I am very content to say that FCO never left it’s vision through any difficult situation, but always continue to make things easy to access for the deserving people  and children. Since the establishment of Friends of Charity Organization in 1996 till now, we have served thousands of students and their families. We are now at the point where we are actually providing our services on a more vide range as compare to initial years. I believe there is never any point in the life of a person when he can sit back and say. “There is nothing more to do,” the world around us never stops teaching us different things and the legacy of transformation never stops, I consider same is with us in past 27 years FCO have reached many families but still the journey is not ended, year after year FCO achieves new goals and targets, we pray for the sustainability of our already running schools and wish to reach the unreached areas to start new schools for the deprived children, moreover FCO have also provided college and university level scholarships to 80 deserving students by the support of our generous friends, in the future FCO aims to facilitate more students for their higher studies so that they could gain a respectful status in the society.

  Last year 2022, we were in great grief about the flood victims in Pakistan, as during the month of June 2022 heavy rainfall hits the provinces of Pakistan and caused huge destruction these heavy rains washed away millions of livestock, million of Acers of land was destroyed thousands of people lost their lives, millions of houses were destroyed and millions of people are suffering very critical situations, FCO visited the flood affected provinces and tried its best to facilitate the deserving families with food, mineral water, free medical camp and winter beddings, altogether 600 plus families were facilitated, it is estimated that around 33 million families were badly affected due to flood but unfortunately there are so many families still waiting for support, I personally visited the broken houses of these flood victims. The situation is worst, people are living under the open sky on road sides in the winter without food, clean water and warm beddings, we wish to help them to reconstruct their damaged houses and we pray for all the victims who are suffering from this situation that may God Almighty help them and provide comfort to their hardship.

I wish to take this opportunity to say, “Thank You” to all our friends, staff Members, Students & parents who stood with us, I am also very thankful to our generous friends who extended their hands to support us in our objective, I would like to request everyone to remember us in your prayers and come forward to join us in this aim of transforming lives because still there is a lot to do.