Chairman’s Message

Friends of Charity Organization

I am very happy and thankful to almighty God for Friends of Charity organization and its Achievement on this 25th Anniversary and Jubilee year 2021. It was a very long journey to cover while continue the Mission and Objectives of Friends of Charity Organization.

  Since the establishment of Friends of Charity Organization in 1996 till now, we have served thousands of students and their families. We are now at the point where we are actually providing our services on a more vide range as compare to initial years. Many changes have taken place in the last twenty-five years, especially in the range, choice and type of educational alternatives that are now available. By the Grace of Almighty God, Friends Public High School Youhana Abad have also build its new building for its students, keeping aware and informed of these changes and providing a balanced perspective continues to be a challenge requiring dedication, hard work and experience.

  I believe there is never any point in the life of a person when he can sit back and say. “There is nothing more to do, the universe around us is an open book which always tells us new information and there is always something new to learn, Education is not just about the subjects that are learnt and taught in school, becoming educated is not restricted to being in a school then in college and getting certificates. It is a lifelong exercise.

  We all have to be on the same page: children, teachers and parents have to understand that education is not limited to lessons taught in the classroom from text books. Parents and teachers must encourage children to ask as many questions as they can, because more they ask more they learn.

  The thirst for knowledge is not limited to the child. It is also essential for a parent and a teacher to keep adding to their own knowledge by keeping their eyes and ears open by reading as much as possible and also make the students develop this habit of learning, becoming truly educated, schools and teachers must ensure that children have a society of enriching experiences. Surprisingly, these experiences develop a child’s creativity. Creativity and imagination make children grow up to be productive adults who then arrive as citizens of the world ready to make their own great contribution to mankind.

  I wish to take this opportunity to say a big, “Thank You” to all our friends, staff Members, Students & parents who stood with us and make these 25 years successful, I am also very thankful to our generous friends who extended their hands to support us in our objective, I would like to request everyone to remember us in your prayers and come forward to join us in this aim of transforming lives because still there is a lot to do. 


    Thank You!

Ashraf Rahmat
Founder & Chairman FCO