Friends Public Boys High School (Youhana Abad, Lahore)

Friends of Charity Organization

On December 15th 2021, Friends of Charity Organization started a new school in the area of Youhana Abad, Lahore, it is a boys school, The Friends Public Boys High School offers an inquiry based, child centered and academically rigorous curriculum that addresses the intellectual, social and emotional needs of each child. where the values of the Learner Profile are at the center of the school’s mission to develop internationally minded students. Our goal is to develop young people who are open minded, caring, good communicators and ready to take responsibility for making a difference to the world around them.

the main objective to start this school was to benefit more students because continuously new admissions were approaching and more students are comming to this school due to the high quality study standards and facilitations for the students the parents are also very satisfied by the Friends of Charity Organization Schools.

Friends Public High School for Boys