Friends Public High School for Girls (Azad Town, Sue-e-Asal. Lahore)

Friends of Charity Organization

Friends Public High School for Girls is located at Azad Town, Sue-e-Asal, Lahore, this is an Rural area situated more than 30Km far from main Lahore City, Sue-e-Asal is far behind from basic facilities of life. People work from dawn to dusk to fulfill their basic needs as their income can not meet their expenses. Majority of the people’s occupation is factory workers, street cleaners and sanitary, unfortunately due to the bad financial situation of families some children are forced to do some regular job in order to meet their domestic needs, moreover the increasing inflation ratio has also created lot of difficulties for the poor families to survive.

FCO recognized the need for education to be balanced with other activities. Education should be an integrated part of community life, according to the aim of FCO Friends Public High School for Girls (Sue-e-asal, Lahore) was started on 9th March, 2013 at Sue-e-Asal, Lahore. Pakistan, to facilitate the children of poor families for education, gradually parents, teachers, and other community members adopted the vision of the school and began to play an important role in the progress of the school, and now the residents of this area are very satisfied from the educational services of Friends Public High School for Girls (Sue-e-Asal, Lahore). As this school is providing educational facilities to the deserving students within their reach.