Friends Public High School – Sue-e-Asal, Lahore

Friends of Charity Organization


The area of Azad Town Sue-e-Asal is far behind from basic facilities of life. People work from dawn to dusk to fulfill their basic needs as their income can not meet their expenses. Unfortunately some children are forced to do accept some regular job in order to meet their expenses. Majority of the residents living in this area are poor factory workers or are doing cleaning works.

FCO recognized the need for education to be balanced with other activities. Education should bean integrated part of community life. To this end, Friends Public High School opened on 9th March, 2013 at Sue-e-Asal, Lahore. Gradually, parents, teachers, and other community members adopted the vision of the school and began to play an important role in the progress of the school, and now the residents of this area are very satisfied from the educational services of Friends Public High School (Sue-e-Asal, Lahore), Currently 218 Students are enrolled in this school.

Enabling the Future

We are giving them new hope to make their children study and one day they will be doing some other work with respect. We have arranged many meetings with local people in order to elaborate this fact. Now we are happy that they have started their children sending school.

Bridging the Gap

We are really bridging a big gap that the new generation of this area will be working in different direction and dreams. Since children after studded will not be doing slavery and laborer work anymore. We can see better that the children of this area are really getting better and better. Also the parents are now very careful in studies of their children.