Friends Public High School for Boys (Rasool Pura, Kasur)

Friends of Charity Organization

Friends Public High School for Boys is located at Rasool Pura, Kasur. Pakistan. Area of Kasur is a rural area the primary occupation of the people living there is brick kiln labors, sanitary workers, and road cleaners, the most tough and dangerous work among them all is of making bricks, this occupation absolutely ruin the life of any family that is engaged in this hazardous and exploitative work, they hardly earn 0.01 USD per brick. All the family including children are engaged in this work. Many of these people are trapped in debt bondage: seeking loans from kiln owners for medical needs as well as the means to meet their family domestic expenses. During the monsoon season when brick making comes to a halt, they are forced to take out loans and they spend the rest of the year paying back these loans at very high interest rates, this loan never ends and cause debt bondage of the entire family.

  Friends Public High School for Boys (Rasool Pura, Kasur), is working in this area of Kasur from the year 2012 transforming the lives of brick kiln labor children so that they could change their way of living and improve the standard of their families and earn respect in their society, we aim to promote educational facilities to such deprived children easy to access, and enable them to enhance their God given skills, we wish to break this chain of bounded labors of brick kiln and pull them into the light of education.