Friends Public High School – Rasool Pura Kasur

Friends of Charity Organization


Friends Public High School is located at Rasool Pura Kasur. This area is full of bonded laborers and brick kiln workers. Entire families, including children, are employed in this hazardous and exploitative work. Many of these people are trapped in debt bondage: seeking loans from kiln owners for medical needs as well as the means to meet their family expenses. During the monsoon season when brick making comes to a halt, they are forced to take out loans and they spend the rest of the year paying back these loans at very
high interest rates. Government schools are far from the brick kilns where these people work so parents cannot afford to send their children to these schools. There for Friends Public High School is working in this area and it provides good education within the reach of a poor. Initially we started a Primary School named Friends Public Primary School in 2012. But now we have upgraded Friends Public Primary School to Friends Public High School. Currently 122 students are getting education in this school.


Bridging the gap

This area and the people really deserve that their children should go to school. They are so innocent and illiterate that they don’t think to educate their children. We have faced many questions and debates from them while starting a school there. Now their minds have made up and they are showing interest in education. Now their children are coming to school and getting shaped every day.