Friends Public High School – Youhanabad Lahore

Friends of Charity Organization

Friends Public High school (Youhana Abad, Lahore) was our first initiative in promoting education among poor and deserving children. The school was started in 1996 with few students. Now Friends Public High School, is a Registered and Affiliated school. It is a high school starting from nursery to grade 10. The school is located at G-Block, Youhanabad, Feroze pur Road, Lahore currently 355 students are getting education by our highly qualified staff, Friends public High School (Youhana Abad, Lahore) is providing educational facilities in Youhan Abad for the children of sanitation workers, factory labors and poor families of Youhana Abad. From time to time, different programs and seminars are arranged for the students. These programs are educational as well as social, which really helps the students to relax their minds and to enhance their knowledge, which will
enable them to carry out their responsibilities in the future.

Enabling the Future
We are all promoting the talents and the capacities of our young generation to be skilled in every endeavor of life. It has been proved that excellence and promotion is only the result of quality education. We need to do a lot to make our young generation mentally skilled. In this endeavor we all have to work hard and plan well to promote this idea that our young generation could be prosper in future.