Friends of Charity Organization

In Pakistan we have very nominal and by-standard health facilities. We have a high range of private hospitals available with high care but they charge a lot to the normal people. Most of the people are unfit and sub-healthy. We have a problem of low nutrition food and bad water for the drinking. As a result people are getting sick every day. In a recent research in Pakistan has showed that the medicine is going in every house every day.

Since people don’t earn adequate money to run their houses and they also can’t afford to get good medicines and hospitalization. The corruption has become so enormous in Pakistan that people don’t spare even the food and medicine. Many people have been died because of forged medicines. Our government has been failed to secure the system.

We, as ‘Friends of Charity Organization’ has raised our voice to help these people through health awareness programs. We also higher qualified doctors and dietician to help people how to live a healthy life. We also arrange medical camps to aware and help people in their check-up and all that. We do full medical checkup like medical tests, hepatitis B & C vaccination, first aid medical care, eye tests and also providing necessary medicines.

So far so good, we have provided awareness to lot of people through awareness and medical camps programs and people have been benefited by it. Please do kindly help us to reach many of others who are sick and suffering through basic health facilities. Your cooperation and contribute in this regard would be highly appreciated. We are seeking partners and motivators to help these people out. We have a strong idea that we would be able to help these people out one day.


Friends of Charity Medical Camp