Interfaith Harmony

Friends of Charity Organization

In Pakistan religion has become very controversial and day by day people are getting fanatic in their behaviors. We have many horrible incidents one after the other that has bowed down our heads in the international view. The terrorism has been mixed and has become very strong through religion. So far our name as country has been suffered badly. The killing and shooting has been taken place in the religion as a matter of course.

In such a tough and hurtful situation, ‘Friends of Charity Organization’ has stretched his hand to lift up people in understanding and awareness. We try to teach our people to live with peace and respect the values of every religion and culture. Many of our Muslim friends have appreciated our efforts in this regard. We are trying to abolish the fanaticism in this society through awareness programs in the name of ‘Interfaith Harmony’. We have done a lot through meetings and programs to bring people together of all the religions in order to reduce the hate against each other. We also have lot of other programs in our pipe line to enhance the people of both the religion that they could understand each other better.