Friends Public High School – Sue-e-Asal


This school came into being in 2013. The idea behind to reach this place in Sue-e-Asal is to promote the education among the children of laborers or of poor families. This area is far behind in education and the basic facilities. It is also far behind from the down town. These people are unable to bear the school expenses of their children rather they like to take children at work to earn more money. We have arranged many meetings with parents to persuade them to send their children school.

Enabling the Future

Since most of the people are from laborer background and few are working as janitors. People from this background are unable to pay their children school fee at all. They rather expect children to work with them in order to earn money.

We are giving them new hope to make their children study and one day they will be doing some other work with respect. We have arranged many meetings with local people in order to elaborate this fact. Now we are happy that they have started their children sending school.

Bridging the Gap

We are really bridging a big gap that the new generation of this area will be working in different direction and dreams. Since children after studded will not be doing slavery and laborer work anymore. We can see better that the children of this area are really getting better and better. Also the parents are now very careful in studies of their children.

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