Friends of Charity Organization

God has blessed Pakistan abundantly that 60 % of the population is young. Lot of work has to be done. The youth is real mineral of Pakistan. We have literacy rate low in Pakistan because of many reasons like financial situation in the families, inadequate educational facilities and foremost important the awareness of our youth. We have lot of talents and capacity in the youth but the drawback is direction and awareness.

Friends of Charity Organization is has a burden to aware youth of our country. We give them direction according their goals and dreams. We, first of all force youth to continue or re-continue their studies in order to come up in life. We also motivate school dropouts to learn technical education like trainings of welding, computer, automobiles, woodwork, electricity, driving, cooking and mason work. Through these small occupations people get aligned to live at least better life.

We do arrange carrier counseling clubs for the people to decide and select the profession of their choice. This should be selected by the talent they have. Many of the youth has been benefited by it. Our experts come and teach the youth in order to motivate them in their future guidance. We also arrange carrier guidance seminars where students and people from all walks of life come and get the basic information about their professional life.

For the school dropouts we arrange different trainings to equip them in their future. We try to send people in different poly technical institutions to learn and get the trainings. We also motivate people to learn how to read and write in order to manage their basic problems. These all works goes in the cell groups in the different places and areas. Now we have trained many people to read and write in order to know their faith and religion. Many of the school dropouts have been trained in different trainings to earn better.

We also arrange youth awareness seminars and programs to boost up their energies to understand life better. Many of the young people have been aligned through our seminars and awareness programs but lot of work has to be done yet. Please remember us in your prayers.