Rehabilitation Activities (Flood Relief Activities – By FCO)

Friends of Charity Organization

During the month of June 2022, a deadly flood hit Pakistan and caused many causalities 1,739 people died, including 647 children, and an additional 12,867 were injured. Over 2.1 million people were left homeless because of the floods. Around 10–12% of Pakistan was flooded the total area of standing floodwaters peaked between July and August at approximately 32,800 square miles (84,952 km2). were also devastated by the flooding The floods affected 33 million people in Pakistan and destroyed 897,014 houses and damaged another 1,391,467. about 1,164,270 livestock have been killed, most of them in the province of Balochistan,  while destruction to 13,115 kilometers of roads and 439 bridges has impeded access across flood-affected areas. Over 22,000 schools were damaged or destroyed.  Government officials estimated at least $30 billion of reconstruction costs and economic damage, lack of clean drinking water caused an increase in waterborne diseases, namely diarrhea, cholera, dengue, and malaria, Skin infections caused by wet conditions have also been widely reported and more figure is being calculated even after the flood destruction, friends of charity organization did its best to reach these areas and help the flood victim families, soon after the flood FCO started its flood relief activities across the flood effected areas and helped altogether 600 plus families by the support of our generous friends, these families also includes, disabled, transgender, and deserving FCO supported the flood victims with food, mineral water, free medical camp and warm bedding items, the families those who got these facilitations were very thankful to Friends of charity organization.

As the FCO visited these provinces of Sindh and Balochistan there is very urgent need of re-constructing homes for the deserving families in the flood effected areas because these families are really living very bad life without shelter and food, people are unfortunately living under the open sky on road sides and are facing harsh weather due to this they get very ill and also they do not have proper medical facilities. In this reform FCO invites every one to come forward and support these families, because together we can reach more families and facilitate these deserving people.