Youth Skills Day Program

Friends of Charity Organization

On 15th July, 2017 World Youth Skills Day program was arrange by Fracarita Pakistan with the Collaboration of Friends of Charity Organization, this program was arrange in Friends Public High School. Our youth were invited here, they prepared science models and handmade craft to show their skills, one of the student From Friends Public high School stood First in Bible Competition, during the month of July, she was also rewarded with a gold medal and certificate she was also present in this program.

          One boy named Haroon, he could not see, but he got a unique skill of singing and playing keyboard. He presented a beautiful gospel song while playing his keyboard,

          At the end of this program Mr Ashraf Rahmat presented gifts and appreciated our youth for their unique capabilities. He shared his thoughts with the young boys and girls audience, he taught that a strongest power of a nation is its youth as the youth have the courage and potential to do more, we all must promote our young generation as our future depends on our youth.